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Howdy y’all! Thanks for coming to our Texas BBQ joint!
Sit back, relax and enjoy what REAL TEXAS BBQ is all about!
BBQ is to Texas what lobster is to New England.

Our Texas BBQ is truly authentic. It is our goal to have you experience what it’s really like to dine in a real Texas BBQ joint. There are a lot of BBQ restaurants in the New England area, across the USA and in Texas that claim to have world-famous BBQ. Some do, but most don’t. There are no cutting corners or time-saving interventions (gas-fired smokers, ovens, crock pots, etc.) that produce authentic Texas BBQ. And there ain’t no fancy chefs in our kitchen. Oh, and by the way, if you can’t smell BBQ smoke aroma, you might not be at a real BBQ restaurant. Texas has different areas of the state, each having their own unique BBQ flavor. Ours is “The Texas Hill Country.” The Texas Hill Country is found in and around Austin. So what makes real Texas BBQ? First you have to have the highest quality of beef, pork and poultry (that’s chicken and turkey). There is no breed of dairy cattle found in real Texas beef BBQ! Next is a green hardwood (pecan, oak, hickory). Last, we use a match to ignite the real wood to create the heat and smoke for many, many hours. When we say 12-18 hours, we mean it. No sauce required. Sauce only enhances real BBQ, it doesn’t make BBQ! Y’all are very important to us and we couldn’t stay open without ya! We thank you for your business!

Bulk Order Menu

For larger parties, including catering, please call and we will help you determine the quantities of foods.

We are closed Sundays & Mondays

Before placing your order, please inform us if a person in your party has a food allergy.

Please note: large orders may require 24 - 72 hours notice

All large orders that will require aluminum pans will be added to your order accordingly.
Credit card information will be required to secure your order.


BBQ Sauce comes with the above: 4oz per pound or 4oz per Slab or Chicken
Additional Sauce is available below

Homemade Side Dishes


Our desserts are homemade and may require 24 hour notice

Other Items

 Price subject to change without notice